Execution is Everything.

Business savvy creative with over 10 years experience in a B2B marketing environment. I have an entrepreneurial background followed by jobs as a front-end developer for a global food business, social media marketing for several start-up companies, a lead generation and management web developer and digital marketing professional as well as Marketing Manager for a high-growth clean-tech company, operating in every continent.

My experience allows me to add value to companies that know their industry but lack the creative skills or technical understanding to communicate their message effectively. I help to clarify vision and extract ideas within teams before providing a strategic approach to tell the world. I create, build, source and distribute creative content without creating task lists for busy staff. I gather feedback, providing companies with insights to improve their offering and give quantifiable results in a way that is easy to observe. I build platforms that allow customers to find and understand your offering saving unnecessary calls and emails. My expertise enables me to generate informed quality leads moreover understanding and keeping them engaged, empowering people to become advocates of your brand. I automate tedious tasks and maintain platforms freeing up time for staff to maximise productivity. I provide a growth strategy for your marketing team, advising on who to hire and providing them with digital training to integrate quickly with your marketing team and understand their purpose clearly.

Kieran Moore

Creative Professional

” I have worked on many different programmes with Kieran for over 5 years. He has a unique combination of business, marketing and tech skills, which when combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional work ethic, make Kieran a potent force. If you get the opportunity, you should explore the options with Kieran.”

Shane McGonigle | European Marketing Programme Director at Kerry


Hubspot growth-driven design certified WITH ENTERPRISE LEVEL SUCCESS.

An obsessive passion to create with specialists in their given fields has allowed my to build a suite of complimentary skills that allow me to be a powerful tool in business development and marketing strategy.

Project Management

My main skill is the ability to bridge the gap between business goals, creative and technical execution. An understanding and ability to speak to people in their language to create a consistency through all parties allows for a synergy that delivers unprecedented results.


A strategic creative partner and DIGITAL project manager.


Website development with HubSpot’s inbound marketing model gives the foundations of a powerful tool that generates leads, manages customers and streamlines sales pipelines. The platforms tells us where your customers are coming from so that, over time, your budget can be allocated more and more effectively. Great Search Engine Optimisation happens with strategy, technical ability and customer understanding; it runs throughout web architecture, coding and content. Companies that dominate search today get the high quality and leads and give companies the credibility to convert leads to customers.

02. Automation and CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT.

Web development with effective lead generation needs a customer relationship management tool for all members of staff to know about the customer and the past interactions. A CRM tool collects information on customers that allows you to build a customer profile. Understanding the people who buy your products allows you to tailor your offering by segmenting users and personalising content. It provides a collection of all interactions with customers to create repetitive dialogue that will frustrate users. Short term, this provides the sales team with an understanding of the customer and what interests them about your offering, allowing sales to close deals faster. The automation of tedious tasks and quickly accessible sales resources creates enormous value by freeing up time for productivity and refine sales offerings.

03. Video, photography, graphics and collateral

The world is noisy today and brands must go the extra mile to compete for peoples attention. When marketing online it is important to know that you aren’t just competing with your direct competitors but with all the distractions that online and offline media has to offer. It is imperative that your content is simply communicated, memorable, easy to consume and looks great. Generating leads, supporting content creators and assisting sales to create a consistent, continually optimised message across all media gives your business the edge. It takes a keen eye and finger on the pulse to create a brand that is consistently fresh, relevant and interesting.



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